Going on Summer Vacation? Adjust Your Thermostat to This Temperature

Summer is here and we’re sure you’re ready for a vacation, especially if you’re one of the many Georgians who has just moved into a new home. You’ve packed the suits and sunscreen, left instructions for the pet sitter, and shut off all the lights. What’s left? Setting the thermostat to the optimal temperature while you’re away, of course.

After a vacation, you don’t want to come back to a stuffy, overheated house, but there’s no reason to waste money on cooling when no one is there. As an energy expert, SCANA Energy is here to share the ideal thermostat settings for vacation depending on your household circumstances.

Graphic says Ideal Thermostat Settings for Summer Vacation, then shows thermostats with the temperatures 75 for plants, 80 for pets, and 85 for empty 


Are Fido and Fluffy stuck at home while the rest of the family is on vacation? The best thermostat setting to keep your pets safe and comfortable is 78°F.

If you’re concerned about the high temperature, make sure their water fountain or bowl is always filled with plenty of water so they don’t run out before you get home or between visits from the pet sitter. To provide them even more comfort, you can keep a ceiling fan running and/or get a cooling pet bed so they have an area where they can cool down.


If you’re a plant parent, you may already know that most plants prefer a temperature between 60 and 80°F. If you plan to keep your home at a higher temperature, consider running a humidifier for your plants to mimic outdoor conditions. Do some research on your specific plant breeds and set your thermostat to the highest temperature in which they can survive. You can also move the plants to the coolest areas of your home to help them thrive in whatever temperature you set while you’re away.


You may think you can just shut off your HVAC system completely while you’re on vacation if the house will be empty, but it’s actually better to keep it running minimally while you’re away. It adds unnecessary wear and tear to your HVAC system to have it remain stagnant for a period before ramping it back up to your usual settings. Programming your thermostat to 85°F is a great way to make sure it runs while you’re away without overusing the system.

Additional Measures

In addition to setting your thermostat to one of these recommended settings, you can also prep your home to help itself cool. Close all the curtains in your home and clean your HVAC filter to help your system stay healthy in your absence. If you have a smart or programmable thermostat, you can lower the temperature as you make your way home to make sure you come back to a cool, comfortable home.

We hope you enjoy your vacation knowing you’re saving energy at home.

If you’ve just moved into a new home, our blog has plenty of resources to keep your energy usage down and your savings up. SCANA Energy can teach you to safely use natural gas appliances, lower your carbon footprint, and more here on GasWise.

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