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Our answers to questions you should ask any gas marketer.

Are you certified by the Georgia Public Service Commission?

Do I have to sign a contract?
Only for fixed rate plans. SCANA's variable rate plans don't require a contract.

How long are your contracts?
We offer fixed rate plans for 6, 12, 18, 24, and 36 months. There are no contracts for our variable rate plans.
See rates.

Customer Service

Is there someone I can call with questions about my natural gas bill?
Yes! Our customer service representatives are friendly and ready to help. Call 1.877.467.2262.

What are your customer service hours?
Our representatives are available Monday through Friday, 7am to 8pm and Saturday, 8am to 5pm.

What is your bill dispute policy?
We have 30 days from the date you report a billing error to correct it or show proof that the bill is correct.

Do you have local walk-in offices?
We have more than 100 payment centers for you to pay in person.
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Who do I call if I'm having trouble with my natural gas service?
Call us at 1.877.467.2262 if you have a question.

Call Atlanta Gas Light at 1.877.427.4321 if you have an issue with your natural gas line or suspect a gas leak.


Will I be charged a deposit or up front costs?
We will run a credit check, and based on the results, we may charge you a deposit of up to $150 for residential customers. Your deposit will be refunded to your account, plus interest if you pay all bills in full and on time for 6 consecutive months.

We do not charge any up front costs.

Are your natural gas rates fixed or do they vary?
We offer both fixed rate and variable rate plans.
See rate plans.

How are your natural gas rates priced?
Variable rate prices are subject to change on the 5th of every month, depending on the market. The price is calculated using the rate in effect the first day of the billing cycle.

Fixed rate prices are determined on the day you sign up, and are set for the entirety of your contract.

What are your payment terms?
We'll invoice you monthly and provide your next due date. For unpaid balances of $30 or more after the due date, we'll charge $10 or 1.5%, whichever is more.

When and how often do you bill?
Each billing cycle is about one month, but the actual number of days in each cycle may vary.

Will I be charged if I switch marketers?
If you are on a fixed rate plan and switch to another Georgia natural gas marketer before the end of your contract, you will be charged an early termination fee of up to $300.

How often can I switch natural gas marketers?
As often as you like. Just be aware of each natural gas marketer's termination fee if you have a contract. Atlanta Gas Light will assess a fee of $7.50 for more than one switch per year. SCANA Energy's termination fee is $300.

Is there a way to make my monthly payments more predictable?
Yes, our Budget Billing plan allows you to make equal payments all year.
Budget Billing

Senior Rates

Do you offer discounted natural gas rates for seniors?
Yes, we offer special rates for customers who are 65 years and older.
See Senior Rates.

Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) also offers a discount for customers 65 years and older with a fixed annual income of less than $14,355.

Complete this form to apply: AGL Application for Senior Discount

Rate Plan Availability

The highlighted counties are eligible for fixed rates, as certain rates are not available in all locations.*

Service Availability Map for Fixed Rates

*For further information regarding availability, please call 1.877.467.2262.